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Our preschool name was carefully chosen by the owner and founder of Ekobé School of Learning.

Ekobé means the “Essence of Life” and we believe the essence of life can be found in the child. The letter “O” is a brush stroke in the middle of the word representing the creative mind of the child, the “Leaf” in the center represents the growth of the child, and the “Circle” represents the community engagement. The essence of life can be found in the creative mind, the passion, the love, the compassion, and the curiosity of young minds.


Our mission is to provide an educational environment that fosters a positive approach to respecting children’s ability to learn and grow in an open-ended learning experience through exploration, creativity and collaboration.

We are committed to creating a nurturing environment that inspires learning while stimulating the social, emotional, cognitive and physical well-being of the child to fully thrive in a diverse and inclusive community.

We value the communication among children, teachers and parents to create a challenging and joyful space that promotes the potential of all children.